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eShop Coaching Program

eShop Online Course Guides Bundle

eShop Online Course Guides Bundle

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Purchase all my step guides at one discounted price. 

1. Products & Collections: This guide teaches you how to add products and create the collections in Shopify. A step by step screenshots and instructions you can follow to use as a reference when adding your products and collections in your Shopify store. 

2. Designing Theme: Detailed step by step guide on how to design from the backend of your Shopify store. Learn how to customize your storefront and use images to create a professional Shopify store. You don't need to be a graphic designer to design a Shopify store.

3. Navigating Through Themes: Detailed step by step guide on how to navigate from the backend of your eShop store. Learn how to use the blog, create pages, menus and preferences. Learn to use your Shopify store the its fullest potential.

4. Settings, Sales Channels & APPs: Detailed information about Setting, Sales Channels and APPS on your eShop store. Learn the details about all the Settings in your Shopify store. Learn about the Sales Channels available and how to add APPs and which type of APPs to add.

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