Are you a business owner who wants to have more control over your Shopify store, but doesn't have time to learn all of the technical details?

I know how it feels. I have owned several businesses, and I found myself spending hours trying to understand the ins and outs of my Shopify store. It was hard to find time for both running my business and learning how to manage my Shopify store.

That's why I created this course: so that anyone can understand how their Shopify store works without having to spend hours trying to figure it out on their own. In this course, you'll learn:

• The BASS Concept to building a Shopify store,
• The Designing C's for designing a Shopify Store,
• How optimize your Shopify store using the FAME system!

By the time you're done with this course, your Shopify store will be ready for launch!

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So you have an idea for your service or product. Literally exactly what you've been dreaming of! It's going to be AMAZING!  There's just one thing to figure out!


Let me help you with a very important component in branding. A platform to offer your services or product! The #1 e-commerce platform, Shopify. With Shopify's all in one platform, you can set up your online store, fast, reliable and no coding required. Create you unique brand with with custom templates and themes. Sell online, in person, or anywhere else the future may hold!- And manage it all from under a SINGLE place. 

Fun Fact: Every minute, every day- a new seller makes their first sale on Shopify!


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Make sure to learn how to use the #1 e-commerce platform, Shopify, with the eShop Online Course. 

So, what's holding you back from making Money Online?

  • "I don't know where to start"

    Have you been struggling building your Shopify store? I can show you how to get started right away with no time to waste!

  • "I am not a graphic designer"

    Have you been spending long weeks or months & haven’t gotten much done? You don't need to be a designer. Shopify is easy to design. I can show you how.

  • "I feel overwhelmed"

    That's ok, with my original concepts to guide you, you'll have a roadmap to creating your Shopify store! Want to know how to build, design & maintain your own Shopify store?

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eShop Online Course is the perfect way to learn more about Shopify. You will be able to update your website, add products and customize themes while learning everything you need to know in order to create a fully functional online store. With this course, you can get started right away with your new store!

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eShop Online Course

The eShop Online Course is a 6-module online training course that teaches you how to create and launch your own profitable Shopify store. You will also be given follow up tasks to do on your own Shopify store after each module, which will help you avoid common pitfalls of starting your own business.

Start your Shopify store with our eShop Online Course. You will learn how to start a successful online store and also have the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have along the way via the private FB Group.

By the time you’re done with this course, your Shopify store will be ready to launch!

eShop Online Course Content

Module 1 Intro to Shopify

Module 2 Products & Collections

Module 3 Online Store & Design

Module 4 Settings

Molude 5 Sales Channels & APPs

Module 6 Orders & Shipping Labels

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Guides Included with Course:

Products & Collections Step by Step Guide

Online Store Navigation Step by Step Guide

Themes & Design Step by Step Guide

Settings, Sales Channels & APPs Step by Step Guide

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Have access to the eShop Online Private FB group. Where you'll be able to ask me questions.

A forum for e-commerce enthusiasts like yourself to connect, share and support each other. The journey can be lonely but knowing that people who are as passionate about online sales as you are, will help keep you focused on learning and growing. With this community you'll bounce ideas off each other, ask questions, get help with troubleshooting, share your wins, and connect with other online business owners.

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One of a Kind Programs

Stop struggling with Shopify, with my eShop Online Course, you will be able to learn and understand your way around Shopify. The course has 6 easy to follow modules. Use the eShop Online Course Guide to follow along as you watch the lessons. Use the Step by Step Guides as references when working on your own store.

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