Who's that girl?

Hola Mi Gente! My name is Veronica, but you can call me Vero. I'm originally from Puerto Rico and currently live in the Bay Area California.

I've been building websites since 2006 and started working with Shopify in 2016. As a Program Trainer by trade, I learned how to train large groups virtually and in person.

I found myself helping friends and clients maintain their Shopify stores doing small tasks that only take minutes to complete. There is a need out there for learning how to use Shopify.

I realized that I can add more value by combining my training skills with my Shopify store building & ecommerce knowledge. This is why I offer Shopify Services and created my One of a Kind Shopify Coaching Program, eShop Online Course. A program where you'll learn and have resources, but also start working on your Shopify store from right away! I also created guides to help you step by step.

Let's keep it real, we learn best by doing. So let's get your Shopify store done!